Week 5 Reflection

Something new I learned last week in design technology was how to create an online 3d backcountry hut on an app called ArchiCAD.

The learning I struggled with was in maths we were learning about measurement I was a bit rusty so I found it quite difficult.

I managed myself really well last week I was able to complete my work and I did not distract others well working.

I managed my work very well I was able to complete and turn in my work.

My goal for this week is to be able to complete and turn in all work that should be assigned to me and to pay more attention in class.

One comment

  • Kerry Boyde-Preece

    Hi Shelford

    I’m the Secondary Specialist for Manaiakalani, and am impressed with your blog post.
    Good on you for managing yourself better in class, and for finishing all your work! It takes a lot of dedication to see things through, especially when you find it difficult. You should feel really good about that 😉

    The 3D backcountry hut sounds interesting, I hope you are going to share an image of that on your blog. Three Dimensional or 3D modelling can be tricky to navigate at first, how did you find it?
    What type of files are you able to export?

    Kerry Boyde-Preece